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This time last year, I was knee-deep in wedding planning after just a week of being engaged. I was juggling a nine to five, a demanding freelance schedule and a kazillion neglected projects and relationships all while building a business from scratch. I told myself I loved the grind, but barely had time to get dinner on the table, much less focus on growing my business. I was running myself ragged and loosing sight of what was important to me.

2015 came and went. With it I gained a life partner, a major career change and a fresh new outlook. After the wedding, Nostalgia Studio became my main focus. I finally had the time I needed to cultivate my business and begin taking better care of myself and my new family. For the first time in over a year, I was able to enjoy a cup of tea on the front porch before sitting down at the computer or actually read a book for enjoyment. I had a moment to breathe.

These days, I’m settling into a healthy and productive work environment at home. I freshened up my logo accommodate my new name and invested in some much needed equipment upgrades. I’ve been submerged in the wedding business for over a year, and I’m gaining the hands-on experience needed to rock the industry. This year, Nostalgia Studio is expanding to offer clients charming new ways to display their photos without breaking the bank.  

Starting in January, Nostalgia Studio is offering custom built memory boxes and square print sets. My talented, woodworking husband builds each box from scratch, allowing you to select your own size and lid design. You can choose a name, special date or favorite quote to be burned on the top. The quality of the prints is amazing, and the matte finish makes them fingerprint proof. Fill your memory box with professional prints along with snapshots taken by friends and family on your wedding weekend. Throw in your favorite wedding cards and shower invitations. Create a box for each year of your child’s life and fill it with iPhone photos taken throughout the year, sonogram images or a lock of hair from their first haircut. You’ll be surprised how quickly your boxes fill!

So for those of you who never got around to making that baby book or just can’t let go of all of your wedding stationary, now is the time to actually do something with all of your cherished keepsakes. THIS is what I’m passionate about, folks. For information on purchasing a box and/or prints, click here or email me at Stay tuned for details on custom designed wedding and newborn coffee table books, too!

A few of the product images below feature images from my wedding, photographed by Aimee Reynolds Photography. 

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